In light of increasing economic uncertainty, changing competitive landscapes, evolving business models and empowered customers, the need to build sustainable competitive advantage through operational excellence has never been greater.

For insurance organisations, the automation of sales management and remuneration processes presents an opportunity for strong differentiation that adds significant value for customers and partners.

The DeNovius (co) Sales Management and Commissions system delivers best-practice processes for the calculation and disbursement of commission, sales and remuneration schemes with speed, accuracy and transparency.

Business benefits:

  • Achieving the right balance between cost containment and investment in order to increase sales revenue, support sophisticated sales structures and manage an efficient sales force
  • Automation of the accurate calculation, management and reporting of commissions
  • A single integrated commission’s management tool package simplifies and optimises every step in the insurance sales chain

DeNovius (co) functional capabilities include:

  • Various types of commissions can be defined and managed simultaneously
  • Commission rules can be set up in compliance with company regulations in a unified, flexible and user friendly way
  • Regulatory compliance is assured through the tracking of credentials, licenses and contracts
  • All organisational hierarchies, payment schedules and complete agent information are maintained in one single system
  • Management of multichannel distribution networks, unlimited by size and depth
  • Secure and accurate data management

The sales management solution DeNovius(co) – from Gratex International provides an integrated platform that enables best-practice commission, sales and remuneration scheme management, specifically developed for the needs of the finance and insurance market.

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