Insurance organisations looking to optimize the data flow across complex reinsurance processes achieve higher flexibility, efficiency and security through process automation with the industry leading DeNovius (re) solution.

The DeNovius (re) solution supports all types of reinsurance and covers all reinsurance administrative functions.

Business benefits:

  • Optimisation of all reinsurance processes resulting in substantial reduction of turnaround times and cost
  • Increased efficiency across all planning, executing and monitoring activities
  • Decreased error rates as a result of transparent data calculations and audit trails
  • Elimination of manual interventions leading to more consistent outcomes and reduced personnel requirements

DeNovius (re) functional capabilities include:

  • Contract Definition
  • Risk and Retention Accumulation
  • Ceding Process
  • Accounting
  • Risk and Loss Profiles and CAT Aggregates
  • Reinsurers and Brokers Panels
  • Comprehensive reporting

The comprehensive set of modules includes Reinsurance Core Module, Receivables and Payables, Sub-ledger Accounting, Collection and Disbursement, Local Cash Management and Bank Integration.

Reporting with DeNovius (re) is quick and efficient and enables you to monitor, analyse and forecast future opportunities and risks.

The solution is compliant with EU directives and Solvency II and fully supports multicurrency processing.

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