The DeNovius (doc) solution extends the power and efficiency of the core business systems by managing all document based communication in a fully integrated and automated way.

The system manages the entire end-to-end life cycle of a document and presents any information in digital format in the right context to the right person in the workflow process. Paper documents are transformed into digital documents (by scanning and importing), and can be routed to a specific user or work group, for reviewing, processing, notations, approval and subsequent archival.

Business benefits:

  • Breakthrough productivity increase can be achieved through the elimination of manual document management
  • Improved customer experience as a result of faster and more responsive service
  • Cost savings are achieved through the entire automation of document handling resulting in the “paperless office”
  • Human error is minimised as a result of exception handling based on automated business rules
  • Insightful, real time reporting and analytics are provided to support decision making processes

Functional Capabilities include:

  • Flexible input management unifies all document sources and channels
  • User workload management optimises staff productivity
  • Case management functionality provides a collaborative framework for assessing, planning and facilitating cases across the enterprise
  • Process management tracks and captures the document status and types, lifecycle, user information as well as modifications
  • Security management supports industry standards and allows the definition of access rights for groups or individual users at different levels including specific document types, individual documents or document sections
  • Document design is based on pre-defined templates that can be stored in the system, ensuring standardisation of communication processes and form handling. This assures centralised change management and version controls
  • Dynamic content can be composed based on data driven rules                                                                                                                                    

Specifically developed for the needs of the insurance industry, DeNovius(doc) automates all administrative functions associated with document and form management. It allows the centralisation of content management, workload management and template registers.

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