UPM2 Claims Management automates the entire life cycle of insurance claim management. Secure and effective online communication and information exchange across all stakeholders in the process including insurer, insurance agency, assessors and policy holders allows the delivery of better and faster service at lower cost across the value chain.

Business benefits:

  • Accurate and real time analytical reporting as a result of transparent data processing at the most granular level
  • Higher operational efficiency through reduced turnaround time and elimination of manual intervention
  • Increased consistency and predictability of output – every claim is handled the same way eliminating variation of manual claims handling
  • Reduced risk of human error and fraud
  • Capital management can be optimised and reliably based on sophisticated analytics

The Solvency II compliant UPM2 solution can be tailored to specific claim processing needs. It is applicable for insurers as well as insurance angencies, compulsory insurance bureaus and third party authorities.

  • Claim details can be accessed online at any time
  • Easy on-line tracking of the real-time claim status is easy and secure
  • Consistent management of claims constrained by business rules
  • Reports and analytics can be created and distributed automatically
  • The actual status of work in progress items are transparent and can be cost at claim level
  • The system can be integrated with other internal or external data sources or systems

UPM2 Claims Management automates all types of claim processes and supports administrative aspects such as:

  • Mandatory datasets
  • Attributes, entities
  • Rules, defaults, formats, value ranges and more

The system is easy to use and creates a great user experience through:

  • Predefined process templates
  • Rule based multi-channel messaging (SMS, email, print) can be aligned with process stages
  • Ability to re-arrange, insert or change process steps and flow
  • Any content, like documents or images, can be associated in the right context at claim level

The UPM2 Claims Management system can be deployed as a stand-alone solution or as part of the wider UPM2 suite of product.
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