Wednesday, December 28, 2011

In October 2011, Gratex International successfully implemented and delivered a reinsurance information system for Allianz Tiriac Asiguari, a longstanding leader in the Romanian insurance market.

Since then, the company’s UNIUS Reinsurance Information System runs the operations related to reinsurance processes, on which the stability and success of any insurance company depends. Allianz Tiriac Asiguarirequired improvement and optimization of their reinsurance processes and cost reduction, and chose Gratex International’s reinsurance solution because of its proven reliability.

The UNIUS information system was developed by Gratex International for Allianz Slovenská poisťovňa, several years ago, and it covers all the company’s insurance and reinsurance needs and processes. The system is regularly improved and updated on new functionalities according to customer requirements. The Reinsurance module which has been successfully implemented and customized according to specific needs of Allianz Tiriac Asiguari, is part of the general UNIUS insurance system.

However, the successful implementation of the UNIUS Reinsurance system is the beginning of Gratex International’s foreign activities. The company is a member of a consortium tasked with the delivery of insurance information systems for Allianz Life Korea, in South Korea. Also, Gratex International is intensively preparing for implementation of the insurance and reinsurance solutions in Croatia and other countries.

Gratex International’s key business objectives are the innovation and improvement of the UNIUS information system for the insurance business and the development and delivery of sophisticated solutions for clients in various business sectors. Being successful within challenging international markets gives the company a competitive edge, increases the stability of the company, and opens the door to future successful growth.

Gratex International’s success in exporting sophisticated services with high added value is an important demonstration of the fact that Slovak companies focused on innovation, quality and customer benefit, may succeed anywhere in the world. The success of Gratex International is a contribution to future innovation and a knowledge-based Slovak economy.

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